In the field of wastewater treatment, ACCIONA provides solutions with minimal installation costs that optimise wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) processes. These optimise efficiency for future operation and maintenance, and deal with the wide range of challenges that must be confronted in wastewater treatment such as populations of very different sizes, domestic urban waters or high industrial loads, highly-seasonal populations, plants located in areas with limited available space or high visual and/or environmental impact, as well as different discharge levels. 

Closely related to its water treatment activities, the company is also heavily focused on reusing treated wastewater.  At this time, more than 22 Hm3 of water produced through tertiary treatment is used for irrigation and other applications.  New developments in the field of water reutilisation such as director osmosis will make it possible to increase these figures and find more end uses for regenerated water.

More than 30 highly qualified researchers are conducting research into the treatment and resuse of wastewater at ACCIONA’s R&D Centre.  This Centre operates various pilot plants where the technologies developed by the researchers are tested and validated. 



Under the Sanitation Law, ESAMUR is charged with the task of collecting and managing the Sanitation Tax and applying it to the operation, maintenance and oversight of public sanitation and wastewater treatment facilities. 

ESAMUR became operational on July 1, 2002, the date established in the Sanitation Tax Law 3/2002 of May 20 for ESAMUR to begin collecting the tax.

Under agreements signed with different local governments in the Region that are responsible for infrastructure, the Entity assumes the management and control of existing sanitation and treatment facilities and new ones built by the government within the framework of the Murcia Region’s General Sanitation Plan. 


ACCIONA is a global leader in water treatment. It can handle the design, construction and operation of a range of treatment plants: drinking water, wastewater, and tertiary treatment for reuse and desalination using reverse osmosis.

The Regional Sanitation and Wastewater Treatment Entity (Entidad Regional de Saneamiento y Depuración de Aguas Residuales) (ESAMUR) is a regional public enterprise created by Law 3/2000 of July 2000 on Wastewater Treatment and Sanitation and the Introduction of a Sanitation Tax which is attached to the Department of Agriculture and Water of the Region of Murcia Autonomous Community.